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Schneider TAC Xenta 492

Schneider TAC Xenta 492


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System Type: Xenta (Schneider)

Class:AO Module

Product Condition: Used (Reconditioned and Fully Tested)

TAC Xenta 492 is an Analog Output module in the TAC Xenta family. It is used as expansion module for the TAC Xenta controllers, connected by the common network.
The module has eight analogue outputs.
In addition, TAC Xenta 492 is equipped with manual override for the analog output values.
TAC Xenta 492 is associated with a specific controller with the assistance of the TAC Menta graphical tool.
If there are several controllers and I/O modules in the same network, a special Device Configuration Tool PC program is used during installation.
The input/output status can be checked from the TAC Xenta OP operator panel connected to any TAC Xenta controller in the same network.
TAC Xenta OP has a display and a minimum number of push buttons.

Please note: Intuitive can provide installation and configuration support services if required

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