Privacy and Cookies

We are committed to your privacy and security.

Site Usage

While we store cookies for site visitors these do not include any personal information or are linked to any browsing history unless you log in to the website. Cookies are used only for verifying site security/functionality issues and for login functionality.

By creating a site login you agree that we may keep a minimal quantity of personal data required to service your request. In addition we may contact you to check whether you would be interested in receiving marketing communications if this is relevant to your company/position. We will, for site users, store details of downloads/tool usage, site visits, contact information and login details against your website login username.

After creating a website login you may at any time contact us and we will, within a reasonable timeframe, permanently and irrevocably delete all of your data.

For further details on cookies and how to delete them please see It is also possible to modify your browser settings to block cookies from specific sites.

We do not provide a facility to opt-out of storing a cookie on your machine, other than not using the site, as in order to do so we'd have to set a cookie on your machine to store the fact that permission had been refused. This would mean that by refusing permissions to let us store information in cookies this caused as much, or more, information to be stored in cookies than was previously the case, as all previous data was anonymous whereas the new cookie would contain information about your choice.