Intuitive Tools

Intuitive DeltaV Module Library

Intuitive have developed a DeltaV Control Module library which provides a set of off the shelf ISA S88 control module building blocks to satisfy in the region of 85% of a typical automation projects control module requirements.
The modules are class based versions of "out of the box" DeltaV control module templates with Enhancements to increase operability and functionality for real life process automation applications.

IFIX to XML Conversion

The Intuitive IFIX XML Documenter is a productivity tools that allows an engineer to document the configuration and properties of iFIX documents such as Pictures, Dynamo Sets and Global files in an XML format.

Intuitive DeltaV Autodoc

Intuitive have developed Autodoc as a way to rapidly generate FDS documentation for elements of the Emerson DeltaV Control System.
This system takes an exported FHX file and uses this file to populate data into a pre-generated document template.

DeltaV 64-bit module

Intuitive maintain a 64-bit control module for DeltaV for the display of 64-bit data values on DeltaV graphics.

Document Templates and Guidance

Intuitive provide documentation including: Document Templates (e.g. FDS) and Configuration Management Guidelines.

Intuitive Tools

Intuitive tools are designed to simplify industrial automation tasks, and are primarily designed around the Emerson DeltaV DCS.

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