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Intuitive has been ISO9001:2008 certified since April 2010.

We provide high-quality automation and management information solutions to the process industries.

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Our work in highly-regulated industries has given us in-depth experience of various validation standards and systems. In many cases we have worked closely with the client's own validation specialists to ensure that their expectations are met, if not exceeded.

We do not look on validation as a bolt-on extra to a project: rather, our company culture treats validation from the start as running through all project activities including system specification and design, coding and configuration, testing and commissioning.

GAMP5 trained validation engineers

Nor do we look on validation as a series of discrete events during the lifecycle of the project: we treat it as a process, and work hard at integrating it into all the above project activities.

Our approach to validation aims to bring the following benefits to our projects and consultancy work:

On larger projects we will appoint an in-house validation co-ordinator who will oversee all the validation activities associated with the project. Typically this will include:

Validation in the software development process

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