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Intuitive has been ISO9001:2008 certified since April 2010.

We provide high-quality automation and management information solutions to the process industries.

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Intuitive offers training, tailored to the customer's specific business requirements, on a number of systems and packages. Our training typically consists of theory, hands-on practice on our own system and plenty of time for discussion. Our aim is for the learning experience to be highly focused and for the trainee to take away fresh knowledge and techniques that can be immediately applied to the production environment.

The following sections summarise some of the systems and packages on which we can offer training. If what you need is not listed here, or if you have specific training requirements that you would like to discuss with our trainers, then please contact us here.

ISA S88 (IEC61512)

The Intuitive ISA S88 Training Course provides the delegate with a detailed understanding of the decision-making processes required to determine the very best batch software architecture for their specific process application.

The delegate will start by acquiring an understanding of how to determine Equipment Module and Unit boundaries that ensure maximum plant efficiency and utilisation. The course then builds on this understanding to create the S88 physical and procedural models, which are the cornerstone of a batch control strategy.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:


Although a recent standard, the concepts behind ISA S95 are, in computer life cycle terms, universally understood. MES, ERP and SCM, although modern buzz words, are just ways of describing the elements that are pieced together to allow the automation of the manufacturing environment. For the team at Intuitive these modern words capture the philosophy that we have been embracing for the last decade, utilising disparate systems to get data from the shop floor out into the enterprise. It is these years of experience that allow us to bring real-life reflection to ISA S95 and provide the benefits of our learning to your organisation.

The implementation of ISA S95 is a very personal thing to each customer. It is the realisation of what the customer wants to achieve and how this maps into the ISA S95 concept that is the key. Because each customer is different, we therefore offer the training in a workshop format, tailored to meet your particular situation.

Emerson DeltaV

Over the years our Engineers have attended many of the DeltaV training courses provided by Emerson Education Services. These are essential for learning the basics of the product. However, training provided by a system manufacturer tends not to highlight any of the product weaknesses, or the workarounds necessary to achieve certain functionality. Moreover, they don't necessarily demonstrate best practice techniques.

At Intuitive we can provide customised one-to-one training courses presented by engineers with years of real-life DeltaV implementation experience. Our courses can fast-track your employees to an advanced level to fully utilise some of the advanced features of an automation product that is widely accepted as an industry leader.

Process Simulation and Modelling

We can train our customers to build, modify and maintain process simulation and modelling systems. This will bring the following benefits to your automation team:

Certified OPC Professional

The process simulation packages include Intuitive's OPC-based Simulation system as well as packages like MiMic and HYSYS. Our customers have greatly benefitted from this training as it drastically improves their ability to do software changes and test them in an offline simulated environment, hence keeping plant downtime to a minimum.

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