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Intuitive has been ISO9001:2008 certified since April 2010.

We provide high-quality automation and management information solutions to the process industries.

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Process Automation


Intuitive has extensive experience in engineering process automation projects of various sizes. In the case of DCS's this includes systems with single controllers up to large systems with several thousand I/O. We have delivered solutions for both batch and continuous processes.


We are familiar with a variety of control system platforms including products from several of the leading DCS and PLC manufacturers. In particular we have extensive experience of Emerson Process Management's DeltaV system and associated software products, and of legacy Fisher-Rosemount PRoVOX systems.

Our PLC experience includes systems manufactured by Allen-Bradley, GEC, Gould/AEG and Siemens/Texas.

Design Phase

Our engineers can undertake all aspects of process control system design including:

For all the above activities we will produce documentation to the standard demanded by the client and the type of project. The documents can be provided in the client's preferred format or we can propose a number of in-house styles which we have created following many years' experience of different projects.

Implementation Phase

Following the design activities, if required we will perform the coding/configuration ourselves; alternatively, we are able to deliver a complete design package suitable for use by a system vendor or integrator. On several projects we have procured and set up development systems in our offices. This has several advantages: the configuration can be developed and tested away from the pressures of site commissioning activities; prototypes can be demonstrated to the client; our use of simulation software helps to iron out problems before the system is delivered to site; and the system can be used for operator/engineer training and familiarisation at an early stage in the project.

During this phase of a project we apply Configuration Management policies and procedures to minimise risk. Our Configuration Management policies and procedures ensure that the effects of any change are assessed prior to implementing that change on a live system; for example when changing a module class the effects of the change will need to be assessed on the instances of that module class. For more detail please see the white paper that we have published on effective Configuration Management using the DeltaV Control System.

Following completion of the coding we would demonstrate the software to the client. On successful completion of acceptance testing we would then transfer it on to the target system at site ready for commissioning.


Intuitive is familiar with the challenges associated with interfacing control systems to ESD, Fire & Gas, paging, laboratory and many different types of vendor packages whether by hard-wired or serial links, or via a network. We also have significant experience of interfacing control systems to MIS and other data handling/storage systems (for more information click here).

Other Systems

Our experience also includes conventional (discrete instrument) control systems, alarm systems and other hard-wired control room and field equipment. Where this is being replaced by a modern control system we can advise on the transfer of functionality to the new system (for more information on Reverse Engineering click here).

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