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Intuitive has been ISO9001:2008 certified since April 2010.

We provide high-quality automation and management information solutions to the process industries.

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What are cookies?

As is the case with most websites the Intuitive website ( uses cookies to enable a smoother browsing experience for users. These cookies are stored by your browser either for the duration of your visit or over repeated visits.

Cookies can be used for a lot of different purposes including:

What does Intuitive use cookies for?

Intuitive only uses cookies for two purposes:

  1. Tracking generalised anonymous usage of the site. We look at what pages are visited most, where users come into the site and what order they look at the pages in. This information is stored entirely anonymously and a single session does not persist beyond a single visit (though the browser might still retain the cookie after you have left the site).
  2. Storing session details to determine whether the user is logged in to the site. Additional data can be stored on users that log into the system, but this is covered in further detail under the User License Agreement and is associated with the user account itself and not with any cookies.

This means that, unless you have an Intuitive account and have signed up to the User License Agreement, the only data that is stored or processed by Intuitive is entirely anonymous. By using the Intuitive website you agree that this anonymous data be stored and processed by Intuitive; this data will not be used for any sales or marketing activities and will not be disclosed to any company or individual outside of the company (except in the form of high-level summary information).

What if you don't want cookies to be set?

For further details on cookies and how to delete them please see It is also possible to modify your browser settings to block cookies from specific sites.

We do not provide a facility to opt-out of storing a cookie on your machine, other than not using the site, as in order to do so we'd have to set a cookie on your machine to store the fact that permission had been refused. This would mean that by refusing permissions to let us store information in cookies this caused as much, or more, information to be stored in cookies than was previously the case, as all previous data was anonymous whereas the new cookie would contain information about your choice.

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