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Automated Testing of Process Control Configurations

Description of the Automatic Testing Process

automated testing in the project lifecycle

In the project life cycle, the testing of configuration (see diagram) can be very time consuming, but is essential to the quality of the end product. Often, by the testing phase of a project, deadlines loom too close, and customer changes mount up, increasing the pressure on test engineers to cut corners.

The automatic test process uses a test script to replace the test specification. When performing a manual test, the test engineer would set up parameters, cause a change, and then view the results. In the same way, the automatic test script manipulates database elements, and assesses the results of the changes, and declares a pass or fail for that test. The script automatically produces a test log that can be viewed on the screen, and later printed to provide test documentation.

Advantages of using automatic testing

Testing DeltaV FHX

Intuitive has also developed an FHX database Test tool - FHXTestScript. This tool can check module parameters as configured in an FHX file and is designed so that additional functionality can be easily built onto as it is required. In addition there is a customer database to TestScript generator; this will take a customer database and use it to create a series of test scripts.

The future

System Validation Studio will provide an integrated environment which will give its users the power to evaluate the correctness, and completeness of a configuration; provide documentary evidence that this has been performed. SV studio can be used to create and execute tests that can be used to:

At the core of SV studio are browse and test. The user can browse both hierarchical and relational databases to generate test scripts. The test scripts can be executed immediately or put in a queue to be run later (providing overnight regression testing). The results of the test scripts can be reviewed and reports printed.

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