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Intuitive has been ISO9001:2008 certified since April 2010.

We provide high-quality automation and management information solutions to the process industries.

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Alarm Analysis


Intuitive has developed a platform-independent alarm analysis toolkit designed to reduce the number of nuisance alarms displayed by a process automation system, give real-time process advisories and online cause-effect analysis. It enables:

Why is alarm management important?

Recent research indicates that it is not possible for an operator to monitor more than 7 alarm events at any one time. When this limit is exceeded the resulting information overflow drastically increases the probability of an important alarm or event going unobserved. The possible consequences of this include personal injury, damage to or destruction of operating facilities, damage to the environment and potentially dangerous effects on the quality of the product.

Key Benefits of Alarm Analysis

The key benefits of Intuitive's Alarm Analysis toolkit are:

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