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IFIX to XML conversion tool

Why is an IFIX XML Conversion Tool useful?

The Intuitive IFIX XML Documenter is a productivity tools that allows an engineer to document the configuration and properties of iFIX documents such as Pictures, Dynamo Sets and Global files in an XML format.

The exported XML format data can then be utilised for a variety of diverse activities. XML is an enabling technology and opens up the information contained within the iFIX graphics to general purpose IT tools. In one of the simplest ways it allows properties and configuration of process graphics to be easily imported and visualised in MS Office Excel.

Here are some of the uses Intuitive have utilised the tools for:

When coupled with the Intuitive IFIX XML Updater tool it provides the ability to rapidly replicate unit process graphics and to respond flexibly and rapidly to evolving Client requirements.

IFIX XML Conversion Tool External Resources

This file is the Toolbar Project file for the Intuitive IFIX XML Documenter. Please refer to the demonstation videos at:

The ABCs of XML: Part 1
This three-part series for CONTROL introduces readers to the basic rules of XML, its terminology and related standards, and discusses what you'll need to know to survive in the world of connected data.

Using the IFIX XML Conversion Tool

The Toolbar is for use in the IFIX configuration WorkSpace environment. The VBA script is password protected by Intuitive and will present the Password Entry form on opening DeltaV Operate, this is expected and you should simply click Cancel.

This tool has been tested on the Emerson's DeltaV IFIX WorkSpace at version 7, 8 and 9. We expect the Toolbar to be compatible with other IFIX installations although it has not been explicity tested on them. Please provide feedback to us if you have success or problems using the Toolbar on other IFIX installations and we will include that information in these notes. Please provide the IFIX installation details in your correspondence.

If you do wish to provide feedback on the tools that we have made available, then please contact us at

Installing the IFIX XML Conversion Tool

For installation of the toolbar, follow the instructions in your specific IFIX installation for importing the Intuitive_Toolbar project.

For DeltaV Installations the import instructions are given here.

This tool is for offline development use only, it should not be used on a live process system. Intuitive cannot accept liability or responsibility for any situation resulting from use of this tool. The user is responsible for any and all consequences of the use of this tool.

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